RVR Ventures offers construction management services including project design, budget development, financing and start-to-finish accountability for the project. With over 60 combined years in the construction industry, RVR Ventures Team has extensive experience building and developing medical office, office, industrial, banks, warehousing and retail spaces.  We develop relationships with all our clients to keep an ongoing relationship for future projects and to ensure customer satisfaction on all our work. RVR Ventures offers an integrated platform of real estate services designed to minimize cost, maximize value and optimize the functional, operational, financial and image objectives of our clients.

RVR Ventures Management Process

*Understand our client’s objectives – physical and economic
* Form a team of contractors, architects, engineers and other professionals to provide insight into their respective fields as pertinent to the project
*Lead the team, making decisions which that are in our client’s best interest
*Oversee and manage each contractor to minimize the chance of change orders
*Ensure that quality work and materials are provided at the lowest possible price
* Schedule all aspects of the project to maintain our client’s time frame

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