Personalized Construction

We offer a more personalized construction experience by making sure our clients are a part of the process to keep them knowledgeable about the process, procedures, and pricing.

Our Team

People are our greatest asset - Employee talent is the cornerstone of our success: Their expertise and capabilities win us the work, perform the work, create value for our clients, and generate loyalty in our clients.

Value Added Engineering

RVR Ventures is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process.


RVR Ventures also works in the community to support events & local charities. We work on donating time with our own families to be a part of our growing community.

Work Ethic

A work ethic of doing quality work is at the core of how RVR Ventures does business. From the company's inception, the owners have insisted that jobs be done with the utmost of quality and professional workmanship.

Quality Work

RVR is dedicated to providing quality construction, technical and management services to our customers: through safety, quality, timely service and an anticipation of their needs.
Trying To Achieve Precision

RVR Ventures goals and ideas remain the same.

  1. Constant improvements in all aspects of home improvement, remodels, renovations
  2. Provide the highest level of quality and service, above and beyond our competitors.
  3. Growth of our company not only through increased volume but also through technology and efficiency.
  4. Maintain a win-win environment for all involved; the bank, investor, broker, contractor, and the homeowner.
  5. Last but most importantly, to love and enjoy what we do.
Let Our Team Help Build Your Future
Get in touch with our company and be amazed...
We have worked with clients and home owners from all types of companies and backgrounds. Our experience allows our team to understand that every dollar counts, every day matters, and the finished products should be what our clients visioned.
Process Workflow

Early and complete planning – The various issues surrounding efforts of coordination, collaboration, and communications are a key challenge to both customers and contractors; constitute major confusion on projects.  Thus, the ability to implement effective collaborative tools early is a crucial first step toward project mobilization.

the process of submitting a proposal to undertake, or manage the undertaking of a construction project. The process starts with a cost estimate from blueprints to take offs. This time allows us to get to know the cost that is evaluated with your project and to propose alternatives that can save time and money, but produce the desired result for the client.

Where RVR implements our team to begin the process of constructing our clients vision from the blue prints into reality, using our experience and quality workmanship to develop the lasting relationship with our clients.

About Our Company
RVR likes both: each industry provides unique experiences for our teams producing amazing outcomes. The commercial side typically is more modern with the use of newer styles of material to stay current with the high end office look. The residential side is fun since our clients like to be different from the next house and use more updated/green types of products that will save their families more money over time and develop a more efficient home.
A Little About Our Past

RVR Ventures experience grew from the residential side in the 60’s – 70’s from building custom homes and gradually began to incorporate the commercial side of construction. We have worked with all types of Architects and Companies in the past to give our team the experiences and backgrounds which allow RVR Ventures the ability to handle all types of construction needs.